Woah, what an experience

Back in 2017 I went to Design Thinkers in Toronto Canada with my 2nd year class of Graphic Designers at Algonquin College. We listened to a lot of presentations starting at 8:00am until about 3:00pm. One presentation that really stuck out to me was by a duo of Swedish men who represented Snask (candy in Swedish). They were so eccentric and weird and their business model was do weird shit. Yeah, cool. I was hooked and I was lucky enough to have an opportunity to do a school internship at the end of my program. So I thought, why don't I try, at least try to go do something cool. So I thought about it for awhile and decided I needed to really get their attention with something. So I send a bottle of Moose Piss maple syrup (my invention) with a small blurb on the back that linked to the video I created for them. Yeah, I made this whole video for this one internship crazy right? Anyways long story short I sent them a folow up email to see what gives. They loved it. I spent the summer working for the cool design agency and making new friends! A blast!

Without further ado...

I wanted to make something memorable and something that represented who I am

The whole video was shot in a couple hours before class that day. A good friend of mine and excellent motion design Shogo Shimizu helped me with the bit. It was a mad scramble to get this done and sent. But it all came together.

The infamous Moose Piss bottle in the Snask design agency