Complete Redesign

The Yukon Arts Centre wanted us to redesign their User experience and the Visual design of their site. The YAC is both an arts centre that has shows and events as well as a gallery for artists. I worked with another User Experience designer to create all of the pages for YAC. We dissected the user base. Who are the people going to this site, what do they need to accomplish and how would they use the site. As predicted it was people who wanted to see shows and events that lived in the area. They needed to find out what is going on and when. So we built the experience to showcase these events.

And it starts with the homepage.

Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile Screen sizes

The whole purpose of the site was to give people the ability to find out what was going on at the Yukon Arts Centre. So that being the case we displayed featured events as well as the next four events on the homepage. From there someone who wants to see a show or event can navigate either through the event post or go through the explore tab. If you didn't want to see them this way we also implemented a calendar page that displayed all the events based on months.

Previous design (desktop and mobile)

Their previous design had many notes from the early 2000s. But it needed to be updated, not only because it was confusing but also it could not be used on mobile (right). Since we are emerging into an era of more and more phones almost everyone uses them to access websites. If your site can't be viewed on mobile devicesit's a huge drawback and pain for your audience.

Exhibitions & Events
The bread and butter of the site

Most people visiting the site will want to arrive here to find out what is going on and when. We have the ability to define what you are looking for and reorder them on different criteria.

The Yukon Arts Centre website is set to launch February 2019.